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This article is part of a series that will help you cope with acid reflux.

Apples And Acid Reflux

Acid reflux can worsen if not treated as sooon as you start to experience the symptoms. Adults as well as infants can suffer from acid reflux. In infants and children it gradually lessens with the age but in some cases it can still prevail even when they grow up. In adults as well as in infants the reflux problem can become life long. It is important that you consult your doctor and follow the treatment your doctor recommends. The doctor may prescribe various medicines depending on the severity of the reflux.

There are various types of cure to deal with acid reflux. There are herbal cures, medicines and many more. In severe cases the best option for getting life long effective relief from the pain of acid reflux is surgery. Leaving the herbal and the natural cures, the medicines prescibed by your doctor can have unwanted side effects

Because of thes, some people prefer to choose the best herbal and the natural cures. These cures are sometimes known as home remedies and are believed to be the most effective among all. Some of these cures are just "out of the kitchen remedies". One of such remedies is Apple or the apple cider vinegar.

Apples have their own health qualities. A well known saying is "An apple a day keeps the doctor away". Due to its rich properties it is also good for the skin and eyes. Apples are a popular fruit and eaten by most health conscious people. Moreover an apple can be consumed by small children also. So the children suffering from acid reflux can eat this fruit either in slices, grated or in the form of fresh apple juice. Another effective remedy for acid reflux is the Apple cider vinegar. It is made by crushing the apples and taking the juice out. It is a common ingredient found in the kitchens. It is also available in capsule form. Apple cider vinegar can be consumed under the guidance of a doctor. Normally, it can be consumed in small quantities. Because of its high acidic levels it should not be consumed in large quantities

Apple juice and apple cider vinegar can also be added to certain recipes. It can be consumed by people suffering from blood disorders, bone problems, breathing problems, kidney stone patients, throat problems and many more

It is rich in minerals and vitamins also. It also improves the health of the skin. Apple cider vinegar can also be made at home. The pills may not contain the same ingredients as that of the liquid form. Hence they may prove to be less effective against acid reflux. The apple cider vinegar should be kept away from direct sunlight and should be kept in a cool place and but it does not need to be kept in the refrigerator .

It can also be consumed by pregnant women as it helps to flush away the unwanted ingredients from the body. It should be consumed by mixing it in water or any fruit juice rather than taking it directly. It has to be taken two times a day, in the morning half an hour before eating anything and half an hour after eating the dinner. This treatment can be consumed by all people.

Apple or the apple cider vinegar is one of the best natural cures for Acid Reflux if used properly.

I hope this article provided you with the information and understanding you were looking for.

Brian Waybridge, the author of this article, suffered for many years with the pain of acid reflux before he found welcome relief.