This article is part of a series that will help you control fleas in dogs and cats.

Flea Foggers

Flea foggers are a good way at addressing a flea infestation. In cases where fleas are extremely troublesome and biting both pets and family members, it is important that you take all of the steps possible to get rid of the fleas without delay. Once an infestation begins, it is important to realise that the only way to get rid of fleas quickly is to take drastic measures and use strong chemicals to kill them off.

However  Flea foggers are extremely potent, unleashing a combination of toxins into the air to find any fleas and prevent them from hatching or breeding. These compounds are only effective if they are used correctly. As they are toxic, it is really important that you take the time to prepare the room as directed, and make certain no pets or family members get into the treated area until the room has been cleaned and aired out.

There are several things you must do to prepare a room for flea foggers. First, you must protect certain types of furniture from fleas. If you have furniture that can be damaged by flea foggers, it is suggested that you treat the furniture with natural flea repellents a week or two in advance of using the flea fogger. Doing this should chase the fleas from the furniture you cannot treat with the flea fogger and allow your attempts to be more successful.

Once you have protected furniture and any floors that have a wax coating, you should remove any and all dishes, crockery and cutlery and consumables from the room. As flea foggers release a great amount of toxins into the room, you do not want these chemicals to touch your silverware or food.

After your preparations are made, flea foggers are simple to use. Simply open the fogger and close off the room for at least three hours. Do not have any lights on, any heat sources running, or pilot lights on heatibng systems or cookers in operation. The fumes from a flea fogger are not only toxic, but they are highly flammable. You can cause a flash fire by not following the instructions of the flea foggers extremely carefully.

Once the flea foggers have had time to work, you need to air out the room. This process usually only takes half an hour, although it is suggested to give it longer if you are concerned about children being exposed to toxins.

If you are using flea foggers in rooms with aquariums, you need to make certain that all air intake valves are turned to off, the aquarium lights are off and the tank is completely shielded against the fogger.

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Brian Waybridge, the author of this article, had to deal with fleas and ticks on his dogs and cats